License Fees For Harness Meet
Rockingham Park 2009

Owner/Driver/Trainer     $90
Owner/Driver     $60
Owner/Trainer     $60
Driver/Trainer     $60
Owner                                    $40
Trainer                                   $40
Assistant Trainer                   $25
Veterinarian                           $40
Partnership                          $40
Vendor                          $40
Stable Name                          $40
Equine Dentist     $30
Driver                          $40
Patrol Judge                          $30
Farrier (Blacksmith)     $30
Stable Employee     $20

N.H. Racing Commission Office at Rockingham Park
Phone: (603) 898-2311 Ext. 295
Fax: (603) 893-3178

Prior to start of racing, call to find out days & hours of
Commission Office & Security Office.

Race Day Hours: 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

License Procedure
1. Obtain license application from Commission Office, located on front porch of Administration Building – racetrack side.
2. Fill out application and bring to Judges for approval.
3. Return application to Commission Office, pay fee for receipt.
4. Bring license receipt to Rockingham Security Office, located next to Commission Office, pay $5 for photo ID.

NOTE: All persons must be licensed prior to starting a horse in an overnight. Photo ID must be worn in Stable Area after June 1st.