We want your visit to be enjoyable and we want you to win.
The way fans bet on horse racing is called "pari-mutuel wagering". That means you are betting against the other fans, and you set the odds. You are not betting against the track.
The track's role is to handle the pool of money bet and redistribute the money to the winners.
Good Luck!

It's easy and it's fun. and our entire staff is ready to help you or answer questions at any time.
Rockingham provides both teller-staffed windows and self-service wagering machines. Whichever you choose, the way to bet is the same.
And it's as easy as A, B, C. You place your bet by:
A. The dollar amount.
B. The type of bet.
C. The horse's program number.
For example: "$5 to win on Number 1."
When betting full-card simulcasting on races from other tracks, state the name of the track you select before the dollar amount.
Winning tickets may be cashed at any window on the day of the race or up to one year later.
Voucher Wagering
Vouchers are just like cash, but are easier, faster and more convenient to use.
Vouchers, which can be exchanged for any amount of cash at the teller windows or at the self-service machines, are good at both the windows and in the machines.
When you are through wagering at the end of your visit, simply cash in the balance of your voucher at any teller window.